I was sure last week I had published my introduction but somehow it looks like nothing is showing up so I’ll take another stab at it. I struggle to write about myself, but am working at organizing my thoughts and writing honestly.
I grew up in Minnesota. My parents were divorced around the time I was 10. I grew up convinced I’d never get married and save myself from the pain and suffering.
So naturally at 19 I got married. He went to fight in Iraq and when he got home we bought a house. Then we had 2 amazing children who have given my life true meaning. I worked for many years in an insurance agency, helping people with their personal insurance. I started college when pregnant with my youngest (the 2nd child), while still working full time. I went to Anoka Ramsey Community College where I earned an applied associates in business marketing and management. I had earned my place on the dean’s list every semester there. I then transferred into Metropolitan State University to earn my Bachelors of Science in Applied Mathematics. I earned a Travelers EDGE scholarship, academic achievement scholarship, and a Math scholarship. I completed an actuarial internship. I then graduated Magna Cum Laude from Metro State and when my children were just 4 and 6, they watched me walk for my graduation. I then started a full time position at the company I completed my internship.
Recently I have become separated from my husband and we are in the process of getting a divorce. Through this whole process I am learning about my strengths and weaknesses. I am learning to trust in God’s grace and healing. I am learning that I am stronger than I ever thought I was. I am working hard to be a good mom and employee. I want to advance professionally and give my children the educational opportunities I wish I had. I started this blog after having been separated from my spouse as a way to organize my thoughts and emotions in a way I’d be willing to share with people.
So I am currently a single mom that is struggling through trying to figure out how to live my life taking it one day at a time. Occasionally I plan to share my struggles or inspiration. You may not notice the difference between the 2, since I often find inspiration through my struggles. I recently posted on social media about my marriage ending and found it refreshing to receive support and love from so many, and hope that for some who may read this it gives you a sense that you’re not alone.
~Struggling Bonnie