I am going to jump right in. I’ll follow up with an introduction another time, but I find myself moved to write about some thoughts I have for today.
I have been going through some struggles lately. Struggles that make me question a lot of things. I question myself, my purpose, the purpose of my struggles, how my struggles affect my kids, etc. I have been blessed to be surrounded by many who are strong in faith who are willing to open up with me about their Christianity, and their own struggles. Through it all, it reminds me that God is still there. No matter what my struggles, I can trust there is a purpose.
One of my co-workers invited me to her church and I found inspiration in the message. What I got from the message is it’s in our struggles and hardships that God is able to work through us for His purpose. I have found that I personally learn the most during my biggest struggles. Every time I seem to question the purpose. It is so hard to trust and have faith that there is a reason and purpose for all the frustration and feelings of helplessness. In the end I always come out with a deeper appreciation for the experience and what I learned. It sticks with me when I have struggles and when I learn the hard way. I will never forget the struggles I am currently facing as long as I live. While I feel lost and want closure, I will try to have faith that His purpose will eventually be revealed.
At work we are having a book club on a book called Grit to Great. This also speaks to me in my current struggles. Sometimes it’s hard to appreciate things unless you have to work hard to get them. The working hard part, doing my best in every aspect of my life, that is the part that matters. I will never be perfect, but every day I will try to be the best version of myself that I can be. I know through this grit, fighting for what is best regardless the struggles I face, this is something I will always be proud of. Giving up is not an option. So while I may never “like” the struggles I face, I can appreciate what I learn from it and the strength it gives me to keep moving forward.
I find it beautiful that while I’m going through these struggles I have so many messages of a better future being sent to me. Through a book, through a message at church, through friends and family, I know my tomorrows are going to look brighter than my yesterdays, and for that reason I am happy to have struggles.
– Struggling Bonnie