I believe in Jesus. I believe God sent his son who was crucified on a cross and rose again to forgive our sins. I believe my sins are forgiven through the death of Jesus. I believe in Love and I believe it is stronger than hate. I believe it is God who is the final judge. I believe that while we have judges here on earth for earthly laws that God is the judge of our lives after we die and that we will answer to Him only. I personally try to not judge people based on moral choices.

I find it interesting that it seems a lot of people have opinions on sin and what would be considered unforgiveable in God’s eyes. I mean, everyone has an opinion and we’re all entitled to it. I am certainly not an expert on the bible and haven’t studied it a whole lot. I know there are many different perspectives on the bible. Whether you believe the bible is the ultimate authority, or God’s word and direction for our lives in the most literal sense, inspired by God, the word written by people who are considered born into sin, but inspired by God, completely false, etc. Everyone has an opinion on what the bible is. As a believer in Jesus I believe my sins are forgiven. I also believe it is impossible to be perfect, and no matter how hard I try not to sin, I will eventually sin again. Thanks to the gift of eternal life my sins are forgiven. I believe no sins are unforgivable.

I’ve heard a lot of opinions about my divorce and divorce in general. I’ve heard people who are very devout Christians who have studied the bible closely who have a very strong opinion about divorce. Within the last week, I’ve heard someone say that God can save any marriage and that anyone who gets divorced should wait for God to save their marriage and not even consider dating again because they should have patience for God to save their marriage. I’ve had a friend tell me divorce is very displeasing to God, and that it makes us further away from God. I’ve heard that while it’s “acceptable” to divorce ONLY when someone cheats (which is not what happened to me personally) that even then you’re somehow a better person if you forgive the person who cheated. There are a lot of opinions about divorce.

I understand divorce is NOT what God wants and it is displeasing. I do, however believe that Jesus came to forgive ALL of our sins. I don’t believe I’ve ever read anything or had anyone quote any versus about sins that weren’t forgiven by Jesus.

So let’s be real for a bit. Not all marriages end from infidelity. There are a lot of reasons marriages end. To name a few: drug or alcohol addiction, physical or mental abuse, loss of any love, mental illness, and sometimes people just don’t know. Whatever the reason for divorce, whether by your choice or not, I, as a non-expert, do not believe divorce is unforgivable in God’s eyes. I’m not speaking on behalf of God. I would never make such a claim.

But of all the sins people commit against each other and God why do people believe divorce is one of the “big ones” that is unforgiveable? Christians will forgive murderers and rapists and people who forever alter the lives of other people. But divorce or other things like that… That’s apparently where God draws the line.

I’m not saying everyone unhappy in their marriage should go and get a divorce. I believe marriage is hard work. I believe marriages are worth working on and trying to save. I will never regret trying to save my marriage over the last couple years. I did what I could. I also knew when it was time to acknowledge that It was over.

God gave us free will. He also forgave our sins. We ALL fall short of the glory of God. All of us need a savior to forgive our sins. Jesus came and washed us of ALL our sin. These are things I believe.