Through the struggles I faced last year in going through a divorce, buying a home and moving, having 2 of my grandparents pass away, and everything else, I had a lot of time eaten up by all of the emotions I was processing. I had no energy to do anything besides work and take care of my kids. Doing things for me almost entirely went out the window, besides a couple times when the kids were with their dad. The whole time I kept telling myself that it was temporary and when I moved I would eventually develop my new normal. Life was bound to settle down and I would surely find my place again and be able to make and accomplish more goals.

Here I am. Living my new normal. I have found a home and finally feel at home. I couldn’t possibly be happier in my life. I am learning more and expanding my capabilities at work. I am making progress in my move, to the point where I feel I can officially say I’m moved in. I have some paperwork to organize, but all in all, life is going really well since the big move. I feel like my kids and I are starting to get used to out new routine. We’re learning to pick up after ourselves as we go rather than letting things pile up. I have had guests over and wasn’t worried about cleaning up beforehand. I am so incredibly comfortable in my new normal and am so happy to be here.

I know this bliss may not last forever. Something will eventually happen that will cause some form of stress in my life. For now, after a year of emotional roller coasters, I am enjoying the happiness that I am currently living. I cannot believe how quickly I got here. When I started attending my divorce support group, all I wanted was to be at peace with my decision, and I did a lot of crying. Today I am not only at peace, but I am thriving and ready to tackle my next hurdle. After going through the pain of a divorce, I know emotionally I can handle whatever is next. 

Today, while I’m living my new norm, I am at peace, relaxed, and so excited for what is next. I’m learning so much about who I am as a person and I cannot wait to see who I become over the next year. I am experiencing new things, opening up, living, and laughing. The best part is I am becoming the new me, the me I always wanted to be. None of this would have happened without going through struggles last year.

~Struggling Bonnie