Sometimes days come back in our lives over and over again and seem to symbolize something important. For me November 22nd is one of those days.

Three years ago on November 22nd, my divorce was final. I was given the chance to try again. Try again to build a life I loved. Try again to let go of the anger. Learning to love the beauty and all of the challenges life has to offer. Learning who I am. Growing. Becoming me. The real me.

One year ago on November 22nd, we celebrated Thanksgiving. It was through a new lens that I gave thanks for all I had in my life. I was thankful to have a life that I could try again.

Two Weeks ago on November 22nd, I took my third actuarial exam. I thought passing my third exam would symbolize this day into something poetic. Triumphant. Instead, I failed, Two weeks ago on November 22nd, I was reminded that I get to try again. I make mistakes, and it is proof that I am trying. I will continue to make mistakes because I will not stop trying. I will try again and I will pass this exam.

So instead of having a day that symbolizes my triumphant “comeback” at life, I have a day that reminds me that no matter what happens to keep on trying. No matter how many times I am set back, I will try again.

Try again.