Dear Me in 10 Years,

You know I am not about making New Years resolutions, and that is not what this is. As a new decade is now upon us, I am instead writing to share with you my hopes and dreams for you. When you read this, I hope that you will be proud of me. Of us. I have accomplished a lot in the last decade, and I plan to continue on this journey. You will have a lot to live up to, but I know you’re up for the challenge. I am going to do my best to outline what I hope for you, what I dream for you, and who I want you to continue to work towards becoming. In return, I promise to do everything I can over the next 10 years to make you proud of me, and to prepare you for what is next in your life.

I promise I will work hard to continue learning. I hope that you will have earned FCAS when you read this and that you are done with your exam taking days. If you haven’t achieved that, remember that I am still proud of all the work you’ve done in your actuarial exam journey, and I hope that you will give yourself some grace. Whether you have stopped taking exams, or have more to take to achieve your designation, I trust that you will continue your passion for learning and growing.

I hope that you are able to start to focus your attention towards your passion for promoting education as a way to change people’s lives and the entire world. It was because of my education that I was able to build a stable life for my children after my divorce. And it is with education that I will continue to prepare you for who you are becoming. Education gives opportunities and can help get people out of multi-generational cycles of abuse and addiction. It clears the lens so people can see things as they are. And it is for all these reasons and many more that I have chosen education as our primary passion work.

I hope that you have continued to live a life of joy. I will continue to fight for you to have that joy. I hope that you travel and see new parts of the world. I realize that your kids will have both graduated from high school, and maybe you have an “empty nest”. Perhaps you have moved to a different state (preferably one without the same extreme Winter weather Minnesota has). Perhaps you are still happily living in the same place I am today. Most importantly, I hope that you have adopted a furry member to your family that I have wished to add for so long.

I hope that you are living authentically and honestly. I hope that you continue to paint and crochet and use your creativity in any and all areas of your life. I hope that you have grown as a leader and mentor. I hope that you have written chapters and books, regardless whether they ever get published or meet the light of anyone else’s eyes. I hope that you feed all of these creative passions, and that you never see them as taking away time from achieving your professional goals.

I believe in you. You can and will do great things. You will lead. You will inspire. You will continue to make meaningful connections with those around you. And you will make a difference. The next 10 years of my life I will continue to think of you, hope for you, pray for you, and believe in your power and strength.


Me, Today.