That is the question… I’ve been asking myself. Over the past year, I’ve largely abandoned blogging with only a couple of thoughts I felt were worth sharing – though I’ve left my blog open for people to read past posts. Now I am sitting at a crossroads. Looking at where I am. Looking at where I want to go. Looking at where I’ve come from. And I am not sure whether blogging is going to be part of my future.

When I started blogging, it was healing. It was a way for me to share my struggles openly and release them. Some of it was deeply personal, and was meant as a way for me to step out of my shame and accept my life as it was.

As I went on, and people would share with me how my blog touched them, I felt inspired to continue. I felt that I got a lot of energy from being able to share openly with people about my life. In turn, it felt like people felt safe sharing things with me they may not feel safe sharing with others. I was honored to be a keeper of secrets and a source of honesty. I created a facebook to share my posts, and attached the blog to my instagram.

As the pandemic hit nearly a year ago, I found myself more drawn to my artistic outlet of watercolors. It helped me clear my mind. And the more I painted, the less I was drawn to blogging. The pandemic has brought so much stress and watercolor helped me release that stress.

Now, I am working towards another phase in my life and I’ve paused my watercolor painting temporarily. Which was my artistic outlet of choice during the pandemic, so far.

If you’ve followed me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve likely seen some of my watercolor paintings and it brought me so much joy to make art and share it. And with that gone for now, I am considering whether I want to blog again or not. And if I do, whether I want to continue on this platform, or if I want to start something new and shut this one down.

My blog has been very personal and healing. My watercolors have been a way for me to share part of my soul and my joy. Here I am. I am forced to ask myself – now what?

What is my goal? What is it that I want to share with the world? And why do I want to share it?

I am still searching for the answer, but I thought I’d give it another shot. So for the next couple months, I’m going to try to share again. It may not be quite as personal or healing, but it will be my thoughts. My words. And as I give myself a couple months to blog, I will consider what is it that brings me joy to write about. Perhaps after a couple months, I’ll decide to stop all together and just paint. Perhaps I’ll find that passion for sharing words again. It all starts with giving it another shot to see what comes of it.

So here we go. Feel free to follow along and let me know if what I share sparks any thoughts you’d like to share.